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To include a result for a TriasSoccerCentralTriasSoccerCentral scheduled Match in the Standings, the center Referee assigned to the Match will have had to have filed an appropriate Report.

The following TriasSoccerCentral Divisions have Standings currently available (click the ICON in the Detail or Summary row for specific information about the desired Division):

1 Female U10 A 4 Text Team
2 Female U10 Jamboree 2 Text Team
3 Female U10 NPSL 3 Text Team
4 Female U10 SSUL 7 Text Team
5 Female U11 A 24 Text Team
6 Female U11 Jamboree 3 Text Team
7 Female U11 NPSL 5 Text Team
8 Female U11 SSUL 3 Text Team
9 Female U11 WPL 2 Text Team
10 Female U12 NPSL 12 Text Team
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