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6-A-Side Tournament, August 3, 2024

cheer 6- A- Side TournamentAugust 3,2024 SAVE THE DATE - AUGUST 3RD! The annual 6-A-Side tournament will be held Saturday, August 3rd, at Renton High School. The match format will be the same as in years past. Games are quick (two 7-minute halves and a 1-minute halftime -- ONLY 5 minutes in between matches so Please schedule your breaks around this format AND YOUR FIELD ASSIGNMENTS WHEN SELF-ASSIGNING TO MATCHES!), decisions are not complicated, cash payments at the field ($10 per game at the end of your day). An excellent way to spend a few hours in sunny weather (always likely in August). Especially great training for young referees, as they prepare for the league season starting in early September. Mentoring. Please show up at the referee tent 30 minutes EARLY, ready to begin officiating. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and your chair!! Pick up your score at the tent. If you do not check in early, your match may be re-assigned. Parking is limited so please plan for it. Plan for your bathroom break. Do NOT schedule yourself on a different field each match time or assignor will re-assign you so fields stay on time! Scores are kept on a score card turned in after each match. Referee responsibility to know team names/color. Final scores are written in numeric style (1,2,3 NOT hash marks) and circled. PLAYING RULES *****Every team will be given colored wristbands for every rostered player. The colored wristband will be checked by the referees prior to the start of each match and needs to be kept on during the entirety of the tournament. Washington Youth Soccer laws will prevail except as amended below: *There is NO offside. *Slide tackling is NOT allowed. All players must be on their own half of the field at the start of each half. *Each half will begin at midfield with a throw-in. There will be no kickoffs. The referee will dictate who begins the match with the ball. Possession in the second half will be awarded to the team not having first half possession at the start of the match. *After a goal is scored, the defending team will restart the game with a goal kick from anywhere along their goal area line *All fouls will result in an indirect free kick with opponents at least 10 yards away from the spot of the foul. *The field size is approximately 70 yards long by 50 yards wide (smaller for U7/8, U9/10). *There will be no corner kicks. A goal kick will be taken by the defending team when the ball crosses the end line should the attacking team last touch the ball. A throw in will be awarded to the attacking team within 10 feet of the corner flag should the defending team last touch the ball prior to it crossing the end line. *Substitution “on-the-fly” is allowed. Substituted players must be completely off the field before the new player enters the field. All substitutions will be made at midfield. *All teams will use a goalkeeper except U7/8 teams. Goalkeeper distributions must be a throw. No drop kicks or punts are allowed. *Stalling infringements will result in the loss of possession at a minimum. Further penalties will be assessed at the referee’s discretion. *The “build out line” and “no header” rules apply to players in age groups U11/12 and younger. *All teams must have a white T-shirt or alternate jersey available to resolve color conflicts. The referee will designate which team must change jerseys if teams cannot resolve it prior to the start of the match. *Coaches MUST verify the final score with the referee immediately after the game. *Players with casts or protective orthopedic devices must receive referee approval to play. *The referee is the sole judge of play. Games will begin and end at the scheduled times; there is no extension time for injuries except as deemed necessary by the referee. An official central time keeper will signal the start and end of the match. *Each coach will be responsible for the maintenance of proper spectator conduct *All misconducts and disciplinary issues will be reported to WYS for further adjudication as required. Therefore referee must submit a misconduct post match at the referee's table. *Game times and field locations will be in the coaches’ packet found at the registration table. It is the responsibility of each team to know when and where they play. A team not on the field or with fewer than 5 players ready to play at the start of the match (fewer than 3 players for U7-U8) will forfeit unless the opposing team agrees to a shortened match or lends a player. Matches will begin ON TIME to an AIR HORN, Half-Time is an AIR HORN, end of match is an AIR HORN. Teams (and referees) play to the air horn! Contact Cindy, OR Richard Turner, if you need help or have questions...Going

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