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Trias New Referee Clinics May 16th

juggle Trias New Referee Clinics Sunday, May 16th from 9-12:30pm & 1:30-5pm at the Tukwila Community Center (12424 42nd Ave S Tukwila, 98168 ...Going


cheer PSPL/NPLHS NEW MASKPOLICY Hey Everyone - For league matches this weekend and until the end of the season, players now have the option to mas...

May Payment

payment May Payment Direct deposit will be placed in your bank account for those who have direct deposit on 5/6 for weekend of 21-5-1 to 5-2 for HPFC, HSC, Southlake a...

2021/2022 Law Changes - MUST Reads

cheer 2021/2022 Law Changes - MUST Reads

Match Safety!

umbrella Match Safety No jewelry! All earrings MUST be removed for player safety, not taped but removed. Can't be removed? Then can't play, according to laws of the g...

Latest Covid Policy from the SDI

cheer Latest COVID POLICY Please read!! Things have once again changed! As many of you know, Washington has moved into Phase 3 and the Governor’s office has...

Direct Deposit

payment Direct Deposit Trias will pay with Direct Deposit weekly if the official has their bank information posted under services/profile/preferences. Remember the acc...

Payment Policy

payment Payment Policy All referees must submit their match and misconduct reports within 48 hours (by Tuesday night). If a referee has not submitted their report, s/h...

Return to Play Protocols for Match Officials

cheer Return to Play Protocols ForMatch Officials Return to Play Protocols for Match Officials Did you miss the 20...

PSPL 11U WNPL 11U15U Classic Copa

cheer PSPL 11U WNPL 11U15U Classic Copa Hey Everyone - Kick off is just around the corner. It’s starting to feel exciting! Here are some reminders of the rules and procedures for league play. This was sent also to club DOCs and officials. These reminders and safety rules will apply to all ages, leagues and divisions under the PSPL. First, all clubs must have a COVID Safety plan for their home fields. This plan must be in PDF format and available to anyone who requests. In addition, all clubs agree to follow these rules and procedures regarding COVID Safety protocol: League COVID Safety Protocols Clubs agree to enforce their COVID safety plan at their home games. Clubs and teams are responsible for ensuring their players, parents and spectators follow ALL COVID Safety rules. Home teams must share their club’s COVID safety plan with visiting team manager or coach two days before weekend match. Players, coaches, officials and spectators must mask up at all times. Home team officials must ensure all spectators are practicing social distancing. Officials, players and spectators are responsible for practicing safe hygiene. Spectators are limited to 75 people or less per field, including members of both teams, coaches and referees. Please advise your parents and supporters to keep presence to minimum. It should be only one parent per player at the field. Referees will not be responsible for enforcing COVID safety rules for players. Again, the club and the team are responsible for following and enforcing these safety rules with their players and parents. Clubs will be fined by the league $1,000 if clubs, teams, players or parents fail to follow the League Safety Protocol. Please see League and gov’s Safety Plan: RETURN TO PLAY Rosters Remember: all players must have a US Club Player Card to play in the Boys High-School league. No card no play – but league will consider one-week grace period for extenuating circumstances. Game-day procedures So referees, allow to play first week but submit a report to the league and let them deal with it. All teams must have one copy of their US Club roster to exchange with other team and one copy of the Game-Day Roster to share with opponent. Exchange of game-day documents should involve exchange between manager or coach in a safe social distancing way. Referees will NOT be accepting any copies of game-day sheets or handling player cards. Team manager must have player cards available for inspection if requested by opponent or league. Strongly urged to have three-person referee crew for all NPL matches. For this spring season, a center ref is adequate minimum requirement for all ages and divisions. Click here for related game-day documents: MANAGER’S CORNER Score reporting information League Rules Please review league rules. Click here for LEAGUE RULES The league has added several rule modifications for this Spring Season. Rule modifications include: The "player pass" rule shall be adjusted to allow a maximum of 6 players to pass from the original allotment of a maximum 4 players. To help keep existing teams formed at the COPA level, the PSPL will allow girls to either be rostered, "player pass" or both. The number of girls cannot exceed 5 per game. Copa teams that have rostered girls or "player pass" girls, will be listed as Boys teams. These teams shall be registered in the PSPL Boys' Copa divisions only. For WA Cup, Boys teams considering having girls rostered to their team, teams must get league approval prior to registering. Let’s all work together as we ease back into the game we all love. And let’s remember the players and try to keep them healthy and fit. Most importantly, we want to see smiles on everyone’s faces. We’re about to play some soccer! --The PSPL

WNPL State League 12U to 14U

cheer WNPL State League 12U to 14U Classic Copa League COVID Safety Protocols Clubs agree to e...

Referee Coronavirus Protocol - MUST READ

cheer Referee Coronavirus Protocol Game Day Protocols and Safety Plan - Match Officials (as of Jan. 31, 2021) Summary of Protocols: Referees, you are resp...

Important Match Information

cheer Important Match Information This is your choice and risk as an independent contractor to decide to officiate this season. If a youth, this should be di...

2020/2021 Law Changes - MUST Reads

cheer 2020/2021 Law Changes - MUST Reads Updated 2020-2021 Cautions and Sending Off Offenses: https://ussocc...

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