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June Payment

payment June Payment Direct deposit will be placed in your bank account for those who have direct deposit on 6/10 for weekend of 21-6-5 to 21-6-6 for HSC, Southlake, a...


cheer WYS NEW MASKPOLICY Return to Play Protocol Update for WYS Games - CURRENT PHASE 3 REGIONS: ALL Governor Inslee announced on May 13 that all ...


cheer SSUL NEW MASKPOLICY Return to Play Protocol Update for SSUL Games - All SSUL Counties in Phase 3 Based on updated status from Gov. Inslee a...


cheer PSPL/NPLHS NEW MASKPOLICY Hey Everyone - For league matches this weekend and until the end of the season, players now have the option to mask up or wear no mask while they are playing in a league match. This affects: Girs HS NPL Premier League EW Copa League EW Dev League Mask-up policy for players, coaches and spectators on the sidelines remains in effect. Everyone who is not playing in a league match must continue to mask up, as per the governor's current guidelines. We continue to urge everyone to get vaccinated so we can move beyond masks entirely. Teens can now get vaccinated. We strongly urge all PSPL players to get vaccinated if they qualify. As always, the Mask-Up Policy is subject to change as the state government adjusts its guidelines. This email serves as a superseding policy ruling and should be considered the current position of the league. Disregard language on our COVID pages that require players mask up on the field. That information is being changed. See our COVID guidelines here: STATE GUIDELINES. --The PSPL

2021/2022 Law Changes - MUST Reads

cheer 2021/2022 Law Changes - MUST Reads

Match Safety!

umbrella Match Safety No jewelry! All earrings MUST be removed for player safety, not taped but removed. Can't be removed? Then can't play, according to laws of the g...

Direct Deposit

payment Direct Deposit Trias will pay with Direct Deposit weekly if the official has their bank information posted under services/profile/preferences. Remember the acc...

Payment Policy

payment Payment Policy All referees must submit their match and misconduct reports within 48 hours (by Tuesday night). If a referee has not submitted their report, s/h...

Return to Play Protocols for Match Officials

cheer Return to Play Protocols ForMatch Officials Return to Play Protocols for Match Officials Did you miss the 20...

Important Match Information

cheer Important Match Information This is your choice and risk as an independent contractor to decide to officiate this season. If a youth, this should be di...

2020/2021 Law Changes - MUST Reads

cheer 2020/2021 Law Changes - MUST Reads Updated 2020-2021 Cautions and Sending Off Offenses: https://ussocc...

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Welcome to the TriasSoccerCentralTriasSoccerCentral SiteSite on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021. We provide USSF Referee services to the Greater Renton, and Highline Soccer Associations in the general vicinity of Renton, Washington in the NorthWest corner of the continental United States. If you'd like a little more background information about us, check out the Information segment of our Site.


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