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The following individuals currently serve as the Officers for TriasSoccerCentralTriasSoccerCentral (as of Monday, May 25th, 2020).

Trias Mentor/assignor/instructorJoel Williams(425) 213-4078(425)
Trias Administrator/Association/Cascade/TUSK/GRFC/HPFC Assignor/instructor/Futsal Referee/AssessorCindy Moore(253) 653-8308(253)
MentorCraig Allen(206) 778-2040(206)
MentorRyan Meeks(425) 895-9468(425)
scheduler for Atletico de PacNW and SouthlakeDon Sando(425) 255-4484(425)
HPFC Assignor & Games SchedulerAdrian Lee(206) 228-2666(206)
Youth MentorTyler Lipton(253) 315-0390(253)
Mentor, InstructorRaymond Moffatte Jr(253) 297-5040(253)
Cascade MOD SchedulerGayle Teramoto(206) 310-8322(206)
HSC Field SchedulerErik Engelstad(206) 870-9157(206)
MentorMark Larson(206) 276-3666(206)
HSC Field SchedulerChristopher Braun(206) 242-3655(206)
Trias Board Member/Instructor/GRFC field scheduler,Assignor,Assignor/MentorRich Turner(206) 948-6936(206)
AssessorWain Jackson(253) 277-3201(253)
MentorWayne Dann(253) 579-8849(253)
Youth Mentor/Instructor, Assignor, MentorChris Turner(206) 948-5915(206)
Southlake assignor and MentorMark Sheflo(206) 446-2028(206)
GRTYSA Field SchedulerTony Leavitt(206) 313-4583(206)
Trias Instructor, MentorPeter Maunsell(206) 725-1661(206)
MentorDarcy J Hobbs(253) 670-6125(253)
EFC/Issaquah AssignorKenneth Robertson(206) 230-4151(206)
MentorJennefer L Johnson(206) 909-0453(206)
MentorMichael Alben(206) 708-3094(206)
assignorCy Palmer(253) 952-8263(253)
Trias Association Assignor & MentorThomas
WSeattle club assignorDavid Unruh(206) 218-2959(206)
Instructor and MentorHunter France(253) 797-5289(253)
Cascade model schedulerNikki Fountain Delarosa(206) 353-8122(206)
HSA W Seattle assignorTim McMonigle(206) 380-1806(206)
Cascade Field SchedulerJustin Izutsu(206) 714-3570(206)
Youth Mentor and InstructorJesus J Moreno(206) 719-1797(206)
Cascade (CSC) SchedulerLouisa Pardo(425) 922-4244(425)

If you have a need to contact one of the Officers, we would like to encourage you to make use of Email instead of the telephone. While the Phone is great for certain things, it is generally much easier to manage your request via Email. Thanks.

Other information about TriasSoccerCentral and it's operations are available throughout the site. Look over the Information SegmentSegment of our site for additional public information.