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Return to Play Zoom Meetings

cheer Return to Play Zoom Meetings Referee, SKCSRA (Trias) is hosting two Return to Play Zoom meetings this week to assist you in ...

2020/2021 Law Changes - MUST Reads

cheer 2020/2021 Law Changes - MUST Reads Updated 2020-2021 Cautions and Sending Off Offenses: https://ussocc...

2020/2021 Recertification

cheer 2020/2021 Recertification Referees, the 2020/2021 Recertification exams are now available online for all referee grades (except state and above-these will be c...

Latest PSPL Roster Policy & League Rules URL

cheer Latest PSPL Roster Policy & League Rules URL All Players must have a current US Club Card....

Important Match Information

cheer Important Match Information This is your choice and risk as an independent contractor to decide to officiate this season. If a youth, this should be discussed between parent(s)and youth referee whether to accept the risk to officiate this fall. Your choice to do so. You are an independent contractor, your decision. 'Nuff said. Read the protocols/procedures - YOU are responsible for knowing and enforcing these. The state referee protocol and league protocols are posted in a separate event under what's new. If you have questions, please contact your assignor or me (Cindy or 253-653-8308 text or phone). Be safe as you can be out there. YOU are required to wear a mask pre-game, during half-time, and post game. AR's may wear masks on the line, if they wish to do so. This means carrying your mask during the game in your pocket. This means a new/clean mask every day (if not every match). You are responsible for watching state video and following league rules. If you do not, you will be removed immediately from the match, if an admin is on the field or I will remove you as the association assignor from remaining matches. The risks are too great for any of us to be put at risk by an official who hasn't read nor enforces the protocols. We are NOT Covid Police but we all need to be safe. Again, watch the SRC video, read the protocols, ask questions! If a problem: Talk to the coach as first step, then bring in both coaches and full crew and discuss the problem before you terminate the match. Social distance as you discuss, with masks on. Try to find a solution but if situation doesn't resolve, then be safe! There will be a limit on number of matches to officiate each day, per weekend. This is because if you officiate 10 matches over the weekend, and somebody tests positive for Covid, then 20 teams are self-quarantining for 10 days, plus all the officials you have worked with. Plus all officials need opportunity to officiate the very limited number of matches we have this season. Trias (along with all the other associations) will NOT pay referees for matches canceled for Covid 19 reasons. Unless teams do not cancel until morning of match and I can't get ahold of you because you are at the field already (then you will be paid). Therefore, you need to check every morning/throughout the day for emails/texts/on site that a match may have canceled and you will not be paid for that match, if it was Covid 19 related. Understand that clubs/teams are struggling financially this year. We make allowances for these extreme circumstances. Youth officials - make sure you have a way to communicate with parents if a match cancels at the field. At minimum at the field, you will need: Masks - plural hand sanitizer If you have questions, please ask them! Thank you! Cindy 253-653-8308

Referee Cold Weather Wear

umbrella Referee Cold Weather Long, black or USSF warm-ups are encouraged. NO team information on either jacket or pants. Black beanie caps, warm black ...

Direct Deposit

payment DirectDeposit Trias will pay with Direct Deposit weekly if the official has their bank information posted under services/profile/preferences. Remember the acco...

Payment Policy

payment Payment Policy All referees must submit their match and misconduct reports within 48 hours (by Tuesday night). If a referee has not submitted their report, s/he ...

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Welcome to the TriasSoccerCentralTriasSoccerCentral SiteSite on Saturday, January 16th, 2021. We provide USSF Referee services to the Greater Renton, and Highline Soccer Associations in the general vicinity of Renton, Washington in the NorthWest corner of the continental United States. If you'd like a little more background information about us, check out the Information segment of our Site.


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