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October Payments

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Direct deposit (if you have direct deposit) will be place into your account on October 23rd for these clubs:
Cascade, GRTYSA, HPFC, HSA Select...

PSPL The Very Latest Reminders

umbrella PSPL THE VERY LATEST Rules Reminder
Coaches, Managers and Club Officials,
Club Officials, Coaches and...


umbrella LIGHTNING

When should activities be stopped?
In general, a significant lightning threat extends outward from the base of a thunderstorm cloud about 6 to 10 miles. It’s important to account for the time it will take for everyone to get to safety. Here are some criteria that could be used to stop activities.
If you see lightning. The ability to see lightning varies depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and obstructions such as trees, mountains, etc. In clear air, and especially at night, lightning can be seen from storms more than 10 miles away provided that obstructions don’t limit the view of the thunderstorm.
If you hear thunder. Thunder can usually be heard for a distance of about 10 miles provided that there is no background noise. Traffic, wind, and precipitation may limit the ability to hear thunder to less than 10 miles. If you hear thunder, though, it’s a safe bet that the storm is within ten miles.
If the skies look threatening. Thunderstorms can develop directly overhead and some storms may develop lightning just as they move into an area.
Where should people go for safe shelter?
There is no place outside that is safe when a thunderstorm is in the area. Stop the activity immediately and get to a safe place immediately. Substantial buildings with wiring and plumbing provide the greatest amount of protection. Office buildings, schools, and homes are examples of buildings that would offer good protection. Once inside, stay away from windows and doors and anything that conducts electricity such as corded phones, wiring, plumbing, and anything connected to these. Note that small outdoor buildings including dugouts, rain shelters, sheds, etc., are NOT SAFE. In the absence of a substantial building, a hard-topped metal vehicle with the windows closed provides good protection.
When should activities be resumed?
Because electrical charges can linger in clouds after a thunderstorm has seemingly passed, experts agree that people should wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder before resuming outdoor activities.

KEEP IT SAFE! If you see or hear thunder or lightning; stop the match IMMEDIATELY and seek safe shelter (NO metal bleachers/dugouts NO under mental pop-up tents, NO under trees!--go to your car!). Wait 30 minutes after the last thunder/lightning is seen or heard. Call all players/coaches/teams back to the field-give them a few minutes to reset, IF time/field permits. Otherwise, at most of our turf fields that are rented in two hour time blocks-simply call the match and send a supplemental report to the league. See below for specific NPSL league reporting rules.

BE SAFE! Keep it SAFE for teams/players/parents/coaches and OFFICIALS!

page 8. .

(c) If it has been determined that a NPSL game is abandoned by the referee due to unsafe weather conditions, the following will be applicable:
(1) If the game is abandoned in the first half, the game shall be replayed in its entirety with the score reset to 0‐0.
(2) If the game is abandoned at half‐time or in the second half, the result of the game at the time of abandonment shall become final. No replay will be allowed.

Trias and SKCSRA New Referee Clinic 18-10-20

juggle Trias and SKCSRA New Referee Clinic

Saturday, October 20th, Trias and SKCSRA will host a new referee grade 8 clinic from ...Going

Trias and SKCSRA New Referee Clinic 18-11-10

juggle Trias and SKCSRA New Referee Clinic

Saturday, November 10th, Trias and SKCSRA will host a new referee grade 8 clinic from...Going

Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting 18-10-29

cheer Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting

Recert: October 29th at Starfire Upstairs Meeting Room from 7-9pm.
Starfire Sports-...Going

Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting 18-11-26

cheer Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting

Recert: November 26th at Starfire Upstairs Meeting Room from 7-9pm.
Starfire Sports...Going

Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting 18-12-13

cheer Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting

Recert: December 13th at Starfire Upstairs Meeting Room from 7-9pm.
Starfire Sports...Going

Recertification for 2019

cup RECERTIFICATION FOR 2019 IReferees (below State, Grade 6) will recertify for 2019 by successfully completing the WASRC provided online modules – w...

Payment Policy

payment Payment Policy

All referees must submit their match and misconduct reports within 48 hours (by Tuesday night). If a referee has not submitted their report, s/h...

Direct Deposit

payment DirectDeposit

Trias will pay with Direct Deposit weekly if the official has their bank information posted under services/profile/preferences. Remember the acco...

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RCL Rules of Competition:

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