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October Payments

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Direct deposit (if you have direct deposit) will be place into your account on October 23rd for these clubs:
Cascade, GRTYSA, HPFC, HSA Select...

PSPL The Very Latest Reminders

umbrella PSPL THE VERY LATEST Rules Reminder
Coaches, Managers and Club Officials,
Club Officials, Coaches and Team Managers,

The PSPL has received a number of violation reports regarding improper paperwork and misuse of "Player Pass" rules. We will try to explain these rules better to avoid any confusion there may be. These rules have been in place in the PSPL for years.
US Club Official rosters- The US Club Official roster must be up to date, typed and clean with no handwritten jersey numbers or handwritten names listed on it. There is an exception. If player(s) are “player passed” and have the same jersey number as a player on the original team, you may write the player’s temporary number next to the player’s name on their US Club Official roster. You must inform your opponent about this change prior to the start of the game. Every team should have at least one extra jersey that has a unique number different than any other player rostered on the original team. All players must have a unique jersey number when playing in a game. For WNPL/WSPL teams, there are no exceptions to the jersey number rule which also includes taping or altering a jersey #. Again, "player pass" players must that may have a unique jersey #. If their number is the same as a player on the original team, the temporary numbers can be handwritten next to the name of the player who is "passed" on their US Club Official roster. For teams playing in Classic and Copa divisions, we understand once in awhile players forget their jersey. If this happens, inform the other team and referee prior to the game and note the change of player’s number on the US Club Official Roster. A fine of $100 will be assessed for each occurrence to the Club regarding jersey numbers and improper US Club Official rosters.
PSPL Game Day Sheets - Please use the most current version located on our website or follow this link: The current form gives the referee a column to “check off” all players in attendance and a column to mark any “player passes” your team may be using. The top information area must be filled out completely and accurately. 4 copies of the “Game Day Sheet” should accompany each team, for each game. One copy (along with your US Club Official Roster) should be exchanged with your opponent prior to the game. If neither team inquries about exchanging this paperwork prior to the game, there is no recourse after the start of the game(see Rule 301 C). The other 3 Game Day Sheets should be given to the referee. At the end of the game, the referee keeps a copy from each team. Each team receives 2 signed copies from the referee, one of your team’s and one of your opponent’s. These are the official documents of record used in any type of dispute. The copy exchanged prior to the game is for reference only. It is not an official document of record and will not be accepted by the league to settle disputes.
Regarding use of the “Player Pass”- Please follow this link to read Rule 302 regarding the use of the “player pass”. (
Of note are a couple of things: A maximum of 4 players can be “passed” for a given game. You must have the US Club Official roster that the ”player pass” player is rostered to in your Club. The US Club Official roster that "player passed" players are rostered to must be given to your opponent prior to the start of the game along with a Game day Sheet and your team's US Club Official roster. There are strict “player pass” rules for the use of WSPL and WNPL players. Please understand them. If players are being “passed” down many levels (example: Classic 1 to Copa 2), and the game ends up being a lop-sided affair because of the use of these “passed” players, your club will be hearing from the league. From an ethics standpoint, misuse of the “player pass” can result in a Club or Clubs losing their ability to use “player pass”. Again, please read and understand the use of the "player pass". It is a great tool for the players if used properly.
In closing, the PSPL wants every player and team to play hard, be competitive and have fun. Cheer positively for your teams and players. Understand that refereeing is a tough job and mistakes will be made. At the end of the game, each team, coaches, referees and spectators shake hands and be respectful of each other. Good luck to all the rest of the Fall season!
--The PSPL--


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In general, a significant lightning threat extends outward from the ...

Trias and SKCSRA New Referee Clinic 18-10-20

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Saturday, October 20th, Trias and SKCSRA will host a new referee grade 8 clinic from ...Going

Trias and SKCSRA New Referee Clinic 18-11-10

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Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting 18-10-29

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Recert: October 29th at Starfire Upstairs Meeting Room from 7-9pm.
Starfire Sports-...Going

Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting 18-11-26

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Recert: November 26th at Starfire Upstairs Meeting Room from 7-9pm.
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Trias and SKCSRA Training Meeting 18-12-13

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Recert: December 13th at Starfire Upstairs Meeting Room from 7-9pm.
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Recertification for 2019

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Payment Policy

payment Payment Policy

All referees must submit their match and misconduct reports within 48 hours (by Tuesday night). If a referee has not submitted their report, s/h...

Direct Deposit

payment DirectDeposit

Trias will pay with Direct Deposit weekly if the official has their bank information posted under services/profile/preferences. Remember the acco...

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RCL Rules of Competition:

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