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May 2024 Payment

payment May 2024 Payment 24-5-4 to 5-5 (Bill date of 24-5-8) have been paid by Zelle if you have Zelle (5/9 and 5/10) - payment is immediate for tho...

April 2024 Payment

payment April 2024 Payment 24-4-6 to 4-7 (Bill date of 24-4-10) have been paid by Zelle if you have Zelle (4/11) - payment is immediate for those who h...

Referee Cold Weather Wear

umbrella Referee Cold Weather Long, black or USSF warm-ups are encouraged. NO team information on either jacket or pants. Black beanie caps, warm blac...

March 2024 Payment

payment March 2024 Payment 24-3-2 to 3-2(Bill date of 24-3-5) have been paid by Zelle if you have Zelle (3/6) - payment is immediate for those who have...

Water Breaks!

umbrella Water Breaks! Good afternoon, If you are officiating a match in warm weather you need to work with coaches and trainers to error on the side o...

Payment Policy

payment Payment Policy All referees must submit their match and misconduct reports within 48 hours (by Tuesday night). If a referee has not submitted their report (s), then s/he/they/them can not be paid for the match. Zelle payments will be made weekly. No checks are issued... Match reports are processed on Tuesday nights (in general) after 8pm. Then the bills are sent to the clubs for review and approval. Once approval is received, I will begin paying. Payroll may take 2-3 days to accomplish. After each club has paid, then the website is updated from a pending/billed/ to a paid status and the pay period is defined as year, month, day, club. Look under what's new, month/payment and it will tell you fir ehat period and when Zelle was paid. Every effort is made to pay weekly but in general it takes a longer set up time to enter Zelle the first time. Trias sends email reminders beginning Saturday night for missing Saturday reports, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for missing match reports. Every time you access Trias on the first screen page you see, it will tell you if you have a missing report. NO report, no pay and your self-assign privilege is removed until you submit a report. For those without a Zelle account, payments will be made each month by Singlepoint (direct deposit) or US Bill pay. These payments are labor intensive and delivery depends on either us bank singlepoint or usps delivery (not guaranteed so the reissue fee of $25. Is taken from the referee payment). All matches reports/billing are processed in bulk, not individually. So ALL match reports say billed/paid. Under what's new, is stated when payments are actually made If matches are canceled for acts of nature (snow/floods/air quality), notice will be posted on Trias under what's new and it is the referee's responsibility to check the website to see if matches are canceled. All efforts will be made by an assignor to contact the referees before they arrive at the match, then the match is canceled (and they will not be paid for the match - unless club opts to do so). Referee will be directed to another match, if possible to officiate there, if referee is available to do so. Some leagues ask that the referee make the decision if the match is playable at game time on the field - if so and the match is declared unplayable, the referee will be paid for the match. If you have any questions, please contact your local club assignor (or me) and we will let you know the news as we know it. Please let us know asap if a field is unplayable so we can contact coaches, players, fellow officials, as well. We are all in this together! If you have a question, please ask? Your local referee assignor's name is available under Services: Officers Tim McMonigle - West Seattle and HSA 206-380-1806 Adrian Lee - HPFC 206-228-2666 Rich Turner - 206-948-6936 Thank you Cindy Trias Administrator, USSF Instructor, Assignor, Mentor and Referee 253-653-8308

Zelle New Payment

payment Zelle Payments HOW TO GET PAID AS A REFEREE ON TRIAS We want all of you to be paid as soon as possible and as safely as possible. TRIAS added Zelle as the p...

New Referee Clinic June 8th

juggle Trias New Referee Clinic June 8th
New Referee Clinics:2/17/2024 From 10am-2pm at the Tukwila Community Center: 1242...Going

New Referee Clinic May 11th

juggle Trias New Referee Clinic May 11th
New Referee Clinics:2/17/2024 From 10am-2pm at the Tukwila Community Center: 1242...Going

Update 2024 Profile

anchor Update Profile 2024 The first time that you log onto the site after recertification to 2024, you will need to update your referee year to 2024: services/p...More

2024 Recertification

cheer 2024 Recertification ATTENTION: To All Recertifying Referees Referees, the 2024 Recertification exams are now available online for all referee grades (except ...

State Tournament Assigning Protocol

cheer State Cup TournamentProtocol State Cup Tournament Assigning is done manually upon referee request. If you are the center official, please commun...Going

Match Safety and New WYS Regs

book Match Safety and NEW WYS Regs WYS Recreational Cup and Founders Cup will adopt the rule consideration...

Educational Resources

book Educational Resources Educational resources of MLS games. Below are perspectives from Pro and a player's perspective of Referee decisions, mixed in with some law...Going

Rules of Competition urls

cup Rules of Competition URLS
RCL Rules of Competition:

2023/2024 Law Changes - MUST Reads

book 2023/2024 Law Changes - MUST Reads

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