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Welcome to the TriasSoccerCentralTerm SiteTerm on Saturday, December 20th, 2014. We provide USSF Referee services to the Greater Renton, and Highline Soccer Associations in the general vicinity of Renton, Washington in the NorthWest corner of the continental United States. If you'd like a little more background information about us, check out the Information segment of our Site.

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In the mean time:

We hope to see you on the pitch this weekend!
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PACNW Winter Classic 2015

PACNW Winter Classic Tournament 2015

Please save the first three weekends in January for this fantastic, fun tournament at Starfire for PACNW. Matches will begin on Thursday and Friday evenings, al...More

2015 Recertification

cheer New Referee Certification, Re-Certification,
& Upgrade Requirements Adopted

You cannot be assigned 2015 matches until you are recertified for 2015 on your profile
Last Trias recertific...Going


You will NOT be assigned to 2015 matches until your referee profile/license has been changed to 2015 year on your referee profile


*Log onto the washington referee website at www....More

November Payment

payment NovemberPayment

Please note
*that all chapter and assigning fees are being paid by GRJSA/HSA clubs. There will not be any fees deducted any longer for any HSA ...

2015 Youth Referee of the Year

If you would like to be considered for this nomination, please contact any trias officer.

The Youth Referee of Year award exists to:

Promote the benefits and opportunities of soccer referees...